Updates & Prayer for Ginny Smith

May 8, 2007

Update May 5

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Dear family & friends,

 In the eye of the whirlwind our Great God is found. He is not outside of our troubles but in the middle of them with us. We have sensed a quiet calm in the midst of tears and uncertainty. We have been in the storm for only one week but it seems like forever. Ginny has gone through some very difficult times. She is now at home with us. Today she showed more strength and energy.

We can’t express how deeply we appreciate the outpouring of your love and concern. We have received flowers and gifts on our doorsteps, messages in our email and cards in our mail. Ginny has read them and wept with gratitude.

 Let me update her medical condition. Our doctor has been able to look at most of the test results. He has expressed his amazement at the “aggresive and rapid” growth of the cancer. Last week on Wednesday, Ginny was teaching. She went to the doctor to read a blood test. Our world has dramatically changed since then. The doctor has prescribed a treatment protocol. He told us the next couple months may be rough but he will be meeting with us every week for a while. He has told us it will take at least two months before we can tell much about the success of the treatment. He has called for more MRI’s to determine why she is in such pain in her hips. We received news today some of the latest blood tests show some stablizing.  We will not be going to Cedar Sinai until at least four to six months depending on her condition. So as of now we are trying to make daily ups and downs our lifestyle.

The church has been gracious to give me some time to sort out my life, duties and routines at home. I am hopeful to return in a limited capacity to my ministry in a week or so depending on Ginny’s condition. I know this is going to be a long journey.  I am tyring to keep looking ahead with hope but taking one day at a time with grace.   My family have rallied around us in a wonderful way. Ginny delights to spend time with them. As she gets stronger we hope to make the most of warm sunny days by sitting on our deck and enjoying the scenery. I am grateful for any time we can share together while we wait for the treatment to do its work.

 Thanks to you bloggers for expressing your concern. I hope to do updates at least once a week unless there is important new information. To any of you praying for us…if you have need for prayer feel free to add your need so we and others can pray for each other. Perhaps “care-mail” will be a place for those of us going through a rough time to ask for prayer.

 In the eye of the windstorm of adversity not only is God there but He speaks in soft and gentle ways through the love and kindness of His church.  We feel loved and cared for. In the eye of the storm there is a strange quietness even though things seem to be whirling around us. Our faith is strong, our resolve determined and our weakness revealed.  Thank the God of the Windstorm for “Preserving Prevailing grace!”

 Don & Ginny



  1. Don and Ginny,
    We bow in humble worship and gratitude as we see God’s faithfulness revealed and His love being poured out upon you and your family. We have donned our storm gear and our praying hands are on deck. We will journey through this storm together and trust that our God will have His way with us to the praise of His glorious grace. We love you more than words can tell.

    Deck hands in Christ,

    Darrin Cindy and family

    Comment by Darrin — May 8, 2007 @ 6:47 pm |Reply

  2. Don and Ginny,

    You are continually in our prayers and thoughts. We pray that the Lords will be done as it has already encouraged us as a family and has taught us much about trusting our great God and Savior. If there is anything at all that we may be able to do, PLEASE let us know.

    Ben, Brianne and Gracie Buskey

    Comment by the Buskey's — May 8, 2007 @ 8:36 pm |Reply

  3. Ginny and Don,
    I wanted you to know that I am continuing to pray for you. I really appreciate your willingness to let us in on what is happening in your personal life. To hear how God is sustaining you is very encouraging. As you face new challenges, may you find new depths of God’s grace.
    In Christ,
    Marcia Slemmer

    Comment by Marcia Slemmer — May 11, 2007 @ 3:12 pm |Reply

  4. Dear Don & Ginny,
    We were gone the last week and a half but continued to think of you and pray for you all. Our minds were on you most of the time and tried to send emails but were in a place where the internet was not able to be accessed. We could hardly wait to get home & read email for updates. To see what the Lord had done for you & is continuing to do. He is all powerful, all wise & is able, so we are continuing in prayer for you all and expect something great to come of all this. We love you!

    Comment by Ray & Darlene — May 13, 2007 @ 9:17 pm |Reply

  5. Don and Ginny,
    Just informed last night. Sending a note out to you in the mail today, Ginny. You are a strong woman with a strong man behind you. YOU WILL BEAT THIS!!! One day at a time with our Lord at your side as always to guide you. My love and constant prayers are yours.

    Rose Dowling

    Comment by Rose Dowling — June 2, 2007 @ 3:39 pm |Reply

  6. I have been out of town for the last couple months and was so happy to read that you are progressing as or better than expected. You inspire me so much. Know that my thoughts and prayers are still with you and your family daily,

    Comment by Suzanne McCord — August 19, 2007 @ 5:02 pm |Reply

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